Research Outline

Cities with High Iron Levels in Water - Follow Up


For the following 8 territories by zip codes:
1: 997
2: 289
3: 417
4: 188
5: 160, 162, 161, 155
6: 488, 492, 484
7: 465, 469, 467, 473, 491
8: 433, 458, 453, 444, 455, 446, 447
8: 545

Provide the population, average household income, no. of landscaping and irrigation businesses registered in the city, no. of households, and statistics on the no. of single-family houses versus multiple dwellings/apartments. The research will be used to help a contractor that sells irrigation products best suited for high iron.

Early Findings

  • The population, average and median household income, no. of households, and statistics on the no. of single-family houses and multiple dwellings/apartments in the Town of Andrews, NC has been provided in the attached spreadsheet. Please note that the Google search method for the no. of landscaping and irrigation businesses in the town was not helpful as it showed several results from other part of NC. Hence, sifting through each business will take further time.
  • The initial hour of research was spent in indentifying the 24 areas (cities/towns/boroughs) from the given zip codes and determining the feasibility of the project. It was found that 10 ZIP codes cover only some parts of a town/city/county. Those ZIP codes are entered in brackets after the name of the relevant town or city.
  • Research indicates that separate information is not available for areas that are part of a town or city e.g., Hazard, KY West (417), as the US Census Bureau covers cities and main towns or some charter towns outside of/adjacent to the main cities e.g., Flint Charter Township, just outside of the main Flint city. The zip code 484 also covers the vicinity of the Flint city.

Additional Information

  • For the number of registered irrigation businesses, we were able to find a state-wise list of irrigation professionals certified by the EPA's WaterSense program that aims to reduce water consumption and maintain a healthy landscape by maximizing the efficiency of irrigation systems. However, this list was not searchable by three-digit ZIP codes. If desired, this list can be used to identify the number of registered irrigation professionals in the given cities ONLY (not towns and parts of cities/towns) instead of the Google search method.