Recruitment Campaigns to Hire Healthcare Professionals


To analyze recruitment campaigns to hire healthcare professionals (dentistry if possible) to better understand how they attract and hire new professionals. Furthermore, to determine their messaging, communication of benefits, tone and language used, how they state the payoffs for working with them, promises made, calls to action, and their RTB (reasons to believe their taglines). Advocate Medical Group, Amita Health, Smile Direct Club, Clear Choice Dental, Cedar Sinai, CVS Health, and Blue Cross Blue Shield are ideal places to start. This will be presented in slide format.

Early Findings

The PowerPoint has been converted to a Google Slide and may be accessed here.

Attracting Healthcare Professionals

  • 75% of potential hires research the company brand before applying.
  • 69% would not apply to a company with a bad reputation.
  • It is recommended to encourage employees to share their positive stories about working at your hospital or clinic. Ask them to write about you on Glassdoor and other company review sites.
  • Share your success stories with the public and show people about your company culture and values.
  • Social media can be a particularly effective tool in healthcare recruiting because of the demanding nature of healthcare jobs. Many health job seekers work long unpredictable hours and struggle to find time to research companies that are hiring, let alone submit applications. By utilizing social media in their recruitment strategies, healthcare organizations can meet job seekers on the platforms that they are already using during their limited free time, creating more chances for engagement than ever before.
  • 34% of organizations are increasing benefit packages to retain and attract talent.
  • 92% of healthcare companies say that employer branding is a powerful tool used to attract talent. Employer branding allows them to set themselves apart from the competition. Despite this, few firms have a dedicated budget for employer branding (43%) or a dedicated role in charge of it (44%).

Advocate Medical Group


  • The hiring section of their website may be viewed here.
  • This section of the website contains two videos on the benefits of working for Advocate Medical Group. They may be viewed here and here.
  • They post all their rewards they have earned as an exceptional workplace.
  • One page is devoted to the benefits of working for them. They state, "When you make Advocate Health Care your career choice, you’ll be working at a great place to work and grow. You’ll also receive outstanding benefits as part of a total rewards package designed to inspire you with possibilities for your future. Our comprehensive benefits support your health, financial and emotional well-being, help you balance work and life, and encourage you to keep learning and developing."
  • There is a community culture page, and an employee page that also states their benefits.

Social Media

  • Their Facebook page may be viewed here. A scan of the last 30 days showed no attempts to hire, but many success stories, health tips, and employee profiles.
  • Their Twitter page may be viewed here. A scan of the last 30 days showed no attempts to hire, but many success stories, health tips, and employee profiles.
  • Instagram features patient and employee pictures along with stories.
  • YouTube has many posts that are informational for the public.


  • Their Glassdoor page was analyzed, other than some mixed employee reviews, it provided little insight.

Results of Initial Research

  • Initial research was spent setting up the project for success. We looked at Advocate Healthcare to assess the feasibility of the project. Their website contains a significant amount of messaging for employee recruitment, but their social media is used only for their brand message.

Research proposal:

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