Research Outline

Red Bull Energy Drink Research


To understand the sales of Red Bull, but provided in United States dollars and in JOD [Jordanian Dinar]. If this data is limited, an alternative would be to research:
  • The top players in the market.

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • The initial round of research indicates that data availability surrounding the sales of Red Bull is adequate. Data availability surrounding the top players in the energy drink market is also adequate.

Red Bull

Top Players

  • Even though sales of energy drinks have been rising about 5% annually since 2013, Red Bull is still considered the leader in this category, with the Monster original brand being the second most popular drink.
  • The top selling energy drinks in the United States for 2020 were Red Bull, with Monster Energy being second, Bang Energy being third, Red Bull sugar Free was fourth, and Monster Ultra was fifth.
  • The global top ten energy drink brands in 2020 ranked by market share, owning company, and place of incorporation were: Red Bull Red Bull GmbH (Austria); Monster Monster Beverage Corp (USA); Red Bull TC Pharmaceutical Industry Co Ltd (Thailand); Rockstar Acquired by PepsiCo (USA); Eastroc Super Drink Shenzhen Eastroc Beverage Co Ltd (China); Hi-Tiger Fujian Dali Food Co Ltd (China); Lucozade Suntory Holdings Ltd (Japan); NOS Monster Beverage Corp (USA); Oronamin Otsuka Holdings Co Ltd (Japan), and Burn Coca Cola Company (USA).
  • This source differs slightly from the above data point and asserts that the top 10 largest energy drink brands in the world in 2020 "ranked by brand value, revenue [in US dollars], and more" were: Red Bull GmbH, with 6.13 billion in revenue; Monster Beverage with 3.37 billion; Rockstar with 918 million; Eastroc Super Drink with 350.12 million; NOS with 107.79 million; Lucozade with 501.8 million; Oronamin C [revenue not available]; Burn [revenue not available]; XYIENCE [revenue not available]; and Zevia [revenue not available].


  • Our initial hour of research focused on ensuring that the research question could be answered using publicly available sources and then we fully answered the question, providing the global sales of Red Bull in US dollars, as well as JOD [Jordanian Dinar] by using a currency converter. While not asked for, we also provided the sales for red Bull in the United States alone. The currency converter can be used there as well for the JOD value.
  • We also provided data surrounding the top players in the energy drink industry.
  • Based on the fact we answered all the research questions, we are not suggesting any further research for those exact topics. However, we will be suggesting research paths that could provide more relevant data that is tangential to the ask.
  • As a reminder, Wonder only uses publicly available sources to answer all research questions. We do not do primary research, and we do not have access to paid databases or paywalled reports, but we can cite them in research for reference only [in case purchase is desired].
  • It is of note that while the initial hour of research does not allow us to embed graphics and other visuals, we can certainly do that for any subsequent research projects that are selected. This will enable us to provide visual examples/graphs/charts to add color and depth to the research.
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