Curtis Media Group


To understand the history, size, executives, and general information about the Curtis Media Group, as well as detailed information about each of its three groups of brands.

Early Findings

Curtis Media Group


  • In 1967, Don Curtis received a permit to construct his first radio station, WCSL, in Cherryville, NC. He also purchased WEWO AM/FM in Laurinburg and WPXY in Greenville. In 1968, Curtis founded Cablevision and began purchasing cable franchises across the state. Throughout the 70s and 80s, the company continued to grow and expand.
  • In 1984, Curtis sold two of his radio stations to Durham Corporation. The deal made him the majority stockholder in the company and a corporate officer. In this capacity, he worked to turn the company from a deficit to $1.7 million in two years. In 1986, he changed the name of the company to Great American Media and continued to expand into additional, larger markets such as Raleigh-Durham and Morehead City-Atlantic Beach.
  • In 1991, he bought the radio division of Durham Life Broadcasting and changed the name of his company to Curtis Media Group. Prior to 1995, the FCC did not allow ownership of more than 5 stations in a market. Therefore, Curtis had to sell off some of the stations. However, in 1995, the FCC loosened the regulation, allowing up to 8 stations in a market. Curtis Media Group invested $18 million to purchase new stations in Raleigh, Durham, Goldsboro, Rocky Mount, Wilson, and Chapel Hill.
  • Today, the company owns over 57 AM and FM channels across North Carolina. It also owns several networks including North Carolina News Network, The Triangle Traffic Network, and Southern Farm Network, in addition to CC Sports Journal,, and the David Glenn Radio Network. It is the one of the largest single shareholder companies in the United States.


  • Donald Curtis is founder, President and CEO of Curtis Media Group.
  • Trip Savery has served as President and COO of Curtis Media since 2013.
  • David Stuckey has served as Vice President since 2013.
  • Chuck Maisano is the General Manager of CMG Southern Sales. He has been in the position since 2008.
  • Darren Smith has served as Vice President and General Manager at Curtis Media since 2017.

Recent News

  • Brandon Fanney, formerly VP of sales at Local Voice Media, was named General Manager of Curtis Media rado stations. Pulse FM WWPL/WPLW and STAR FM 92.9.
  • In June, Curtis Media Group flipped its classic country station, WQDR-HD3/92.9, to Hot AC “92.9 STAR-FM.”
  • On March 6th, Barbara Curtis, co-founder of Curtis Media and wife of Don Curtis, passed away at age 73.
  • Chris Ganoudis was named General Manager of News/Talk WPTF 680 AM, Oldies WPTK 850 AM/104.7 FM and the Triangle Traffic Network in February.
  • Bruce Simel, General Manager and Market Manager with Curtis Media Group since 1994, resigned in February.

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