Research Proposal

Regulatory Overview of Oil Country Tubular Goods


To obtain a regulatory and manufacturing/safety standards overview for selling products related to oil country tubular goods (OCTG) in order to understand the barriers to becoming a player in the OCTG market. The overviews should be guided by previously identified companies (e.g., Tenaris, Vallourec, TMK, U.S. Steel Tubular, Voest Alpine A.G., and Evraz Group S.A).

Early Findings

  • Growth in the OCTG market is noted to be hindered by fluctuations in steel prices. However, the market overall is expected to grow by 7.02% (CAGR for 2019-2025).
  • "A number of countries have imposed antidumping or countervailing measures, or other barriers, against OCTG and other pipe products from China, including the European Union, Canada, Russia, and Mexico."
  • The American Petroleum Institute (API) seems to have a treasure trove of information related to the OCTG industry. The API catalog contains publications on barriers and the OCTG market (e.g.,"Field Inspection of New Casing, Tubing, and Plain-End Drill Pipe").
  • The US, China, and Russia are the most important global markets in the OCTG industry, due to the high consumption of OCTG and hydrocarbon activity.
  • The Asian-Pacific and North American markets have the highest demand-generating geographies in the OCTG industry.
  • The Middle East is the largest premium connection market in the OCTG industry, due to sour gas discoveries, longer expected well life, and risk averseness.
  • Legal issues within the OCTG market seem especially complicated and convoluted as can be seen from a reopened case involving Tenaris and CV profit caps. The case, Husteel Co., Ltd., et al., v. United States, was issued in September 2015.
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