Research Outline



Determine the case count, reimbursement per case, and reimbursement code for Pain Therapy Spine (CT guided), Needle Biopsies, RF Ablation, Cryoablation, Laser induced thermotherapy, microwave ablation, irreversible electroporation, vertebroplasty, prostate biopsies, PCNL, and Brachytherapy in order to understand the market size for a new CT guided navigation product.

Early Findings

Laser Induced Thermotherapy: United States

  • We attempted to find the total number of Laser Induced Termotherapy treatments in the US annually, however, this could not be determined.
  • It appears that this procedure is not covered in the US by most private insurance as there is "insufficient evidence of its clinical effectiveness."
  • However, the procedure may be covered by Medicare (via a new technology add on payment), however, findings were conflicting and no reimbursement rate could be determined.
  • It was determined that Brain LITT to treat high grade gliomas has an average cost of $89,839 per procedure.
  • Reimbursement codes utilized seem to follow the format "Unlisted procedure, [location of therapy]". Possible codes include: 19499 - Unlisted procedure, breast; 32999 - Unlisted procedure, lungs and pleura ; 53899 - Unlisted procedure, urinary system; 55899 - Unlisted procedure, male genital system ; 64999- Unlisted procedure, nervous system.