Renda Broadcasting Radio Station Information


Gain information on several Renda Broadcasting radio stations (WEJZ-FM, WGNE-FM, WGUF-FM, WJGO-FM, WKQL-FM, WSGL-FM, and WWGR-FM), including the following; station's "friendly name," if different from their call letters, recent news, competitors, list of their personalities and shows, list of their executives and LinkedIn links, any podcasting, whether they have an app or station stream on aggregators like iHeartRadio or TuneIn , and any association with Triton Digital, Spreaker, Omny Studios, The Complete Sheet, JacApps, Dataminr, StreamGuys

Early Findings


  • The station does not have a ‘friendly name’ but rather uses the slogan, “96.1 WJEZ, the most music for your work day”
  • WEJZ has a morning show, “Arthur Crofton & Yvonne Weekdays” which runs from 530am-10am.
  • An afternoon show is hosted by Craiger Williams, as well as content from popular national hosts John Tesh and Delilah.


  • The station features a Home Town Morning Show with local hosts, as well as content from national hosts Matt Bassford, Brian Jordan, and Craiger Williams.


  • Weekday mornings are hosted by Dave Elliot on The Dave Elliott Show which runs from 6am-9am.
  • Other content runs throughout the day, including shows from Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, and Ben Shapiro.


  • WJGO-FM is referred to as BobFM with the slogan “Bob FM plays anything”.
  • The only scheduled broadcast listed on this variety themed station is Thousand Dollar Thursday, a contest opportunity for listeners to win money.

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