Research Outline

At-Home Cardio Equipment Purchasers- Profiles


To define the target market and audience insights of customers that purchase at-home cardio equipment. The customer profiles of Peloton, Fight Camp and Nordic Track should be included.

Early Findings

Peloton Customer Demographics

  • Peloton's target demographic (in 2016) in the United States was 35-65 years old.
  • According to Peloton co-founder & CEO, John Foley, the target demographic of the brand is individuals who do not have "time to go to the gym".
  • “These are people who have children, live in suburbs, have nice homes, they have the money and space but don’t necessarily have time,” Foley said.
  • For the young mother, who is 40 years old, who has a 3-year-old napping in the next room, we’re allowing her to take a high energy cycling class without getting a babysitter, and without the travel time," Foley stated.
  • According to the brand's IPO prospectus, consumers under the age of 35 and with incomes under US$75,000 are its largest growing demographic.

Fight Camp Demographics

  • Users are typically 30+ years-old, and 55% female, 45% male.
  • Around 50% of members say they have boxed at a gym before in the past and for the other 50%, FightCamp is their first experience with boxing.

NordicTrack Demographics

  • One of the niche demographics that NordicTrack aims for is the aging baby boomer that is looking for a low impact exercise regime.

Results of Initial Research

  • This first block of research was spent seeing what was publicly available for these demographics. While we were unable to locate the real demographics of NordicTrack during this block, we can research further and see if the company has any demographic clues on their website. Being a private company they do not make their annual report public, but we can take a look at their website traffic along with social media traffic and make some assumptions from that data.
  • It seems there are essentially three main demographics: the young professional, the busy parent, and the older user needing a low impact exercise program.