Telehealth Veterinary Services


The goal is to find 2-3 telehealth services for veterinarians and provide their pricing models and deliverables.

Early Findings

  • VetTriage is a virtual vet service that does triage services via video call. They charge a flat $50 fee for each session.
  • TeleVet offers virtual vet services for in-network customers. Prices for clinics to use the service range from $99 to $129 per month and the subscription includes unlimited users, reporting tools, and automated marketing.
  • VirtuWoof also offers telehealth services for vet clinics. Pricing is available in either a "pay as you go" model, or a monthly subscription that costs $149 per month. The company also charges a 5% commission on any telehealth visits.
  • AirVet is an app that offers telehealth vet services through either their own professionals or through participating clinics. Pet owners are charged a flat $30 fee per visit. Pricing for vet clinics is only available via a contact form.
  • PetPro Connect offers its telehealth services to vet clinics for free. They operate only on taking a percentage of transactions from their clients. The percentage is currently not available as the company is currently waiving most fees due to COVID-19.
  • BabelVet is also currently waiving fees for vet practices because of COVID-19 for 30 days. After that, their services are charged by a monthly subscription of $199 for full system integration and $129 for full access without integration.

Proposed next steps:

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