Madera County Competitors


To understand the marketing efforts of the following three competitors: Mammoth Tourism (for Mammoth Lakes California), Yosemite Mariposa County Tourism Bureau, and Big Bear Lake Tourism by answering the following key questions:

a. Why is it considered a competitor?
b. What interest groups visit the destination? Why do people decide to visit the destination?
c. What are the main special attractions or activities? Does it host any large events?
d. What digital marketing & advertising tactics does it use?
e. What do visitor reviews say about their experiences? How do they rate their experience?

in order to inform a competitive analysis.

Early Findings

Our initial research on Mammoth Tourism and Mammoth Lakes revealed insights. Here are the key pieces of information we found:

Madera County Competitors:

Mammoth Tourism

  • Interest groups who visit Mammoth Lakes are younger and without children, and most visitors are between the ages of 25-44 years old, with the majority having a household income of $75,000+. This target market for Mammoth Tourism is referred to as the "Modern Adventurer" who is an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys active vacations and adventure travel. They find risk-taking exciting and place an emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit and decide to mainly visit Mammoth Lakes for their winter adventures.
  • Beyond the main attractions of sking and snowboarding, Mammoth Lakes also offers the special activities of: snowshoeing trails, snow biking trails, snowcat tours, snow tubing, and more. Mammoth Lakes does not appear to host any large events.
  • Mammoth Tourism uses a variety of digital marketing and advertising tactics on their website, with blogging, videos, tourism guides, and rack distribution.
  • They use their website ( to further the Mammoth Lakes brand experience,expand knowledge of the destination and assist in trip planning.
  • They rely on Mammoth Lakes insiders and local experts to blog and provide the inside perspective of key experience pillars to grow their targeted, segmented email program.
  • They use branded video content to create desire and inspiration for the Mammoth Lakes destination.
  • Mammoth Lakes tourism guides are also used to convey the brand (playground for modern adventurers) to deliver functional information that will increase knowledge about the destination.
  • Mammoth Tourism also uses distribution of rack cards, posters and maps to effectively promote Mammoth Lakes.

Research proposal:

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