Pet Cemetery Positive Perceptions


To help a pet cemetery client with creatively putting together a local event and celebration for their 80-year business by identifying pet cemetery-related events, anniversaries, and media coverage that were positively received in the United States.

Early Findings

Data Limitation Solutions

Initial research shows the data may be limited regarding the specifics of pet cemeteries that have received positive reception for celebrations. This is likely because the market is fairly local and this level of local event details may not garner much online attention which may require creative strategies that look at major players and their events or a detailed crawl through local listings of states with the largest number of pet cemeteries (for specific media coverage).
  • Major players in the pet memorials market include CERMONA, Matthews Cremation Division, Everlasting Memorial Inc., Kay Berry, Stardust Memorials, Rex Granite Company, and Iowa Memorial Granite Company.
  • According to a directory's listing of pet cemeteries, Wisconsin, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and California are states with the largest number of pet cemeteries. These states may be good starting places for looking for news on local events regarding individual pet cemetery events.
  • Selected Independent Funeral Homes celebrated its 100th anniversary by creating a special website and a place for members to “Share Your Story.” Of note, was the announcement about the upcoming event which held a message from leadership within the organization the focused on the funeral home’s service and foundation.

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