Research Outline

Commercial Furniture - Houston


To conduct research on the commercial furniture market in Houston and the surrounding region. Specifically, the size of this market and a competitive analysis that includes 1) the names of the competitors, 2) samples of their work, and 3) the sales tactics/strategies they use.

Early Findings

Houston Area Commercial Furniture Market Size

  • American FactFinder was researched in an effort to allocate the market size, as this database allows users to search through data tables using market codes and generally shows total sales figures for those markets. However, this strategy failed to produce results due to the fact that there was no sufficient or recent data available for Houston and it's surrounding area for this specific market.
  • However, American FactFinder does show that in 2012, there were a total of 26 companies operating in the office furniture manufacturing market in Harris County. This is the most recent data available via the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • IBISWorld notes that there are a total of 7,085 businesses in the U.S. working in the office furniture manufacturing market, with a market size of $28 billion. This equates to an average revenue per business of $3,952,011.
  • If this average revenue is applied to the number of businesses in this market in Harris county as of 2012, it provides an estimated market size of around $102.75 million (or, 26 x 3,952,011).

Results of Early Findings

  • This initial research has determined that direct data showing the market size of commercial furniture in the Houston area is likely not available, however, there may be various ways to attempt to triangulate this figure, or related figures, such as the office furniture manufacturing market size that has been estimated above.
  • Additional research can be conducted to attempt to triangulate a more comprehensive market size for the total commercial furniture market in Houston and/or Harris County (i.e. Houston's surrounding area). For example, American FactFinder may have some more data about for this area about things like office furniture retail, or other types of commercial furniture.
  • Additionally, we can continue research to identify companies operating in this market and build a competitive landscape of them.