Research Outline

Vegetarian VC Funds


To inform the client's understanding of the vegan/vegetarian venture capital and angel investors space:
  • Determine if there are and provide a list of vegan/vegetarian VC funds in the US, or around the world.
  • Provide a list of vegan/vegetarian angel investors the client could pitch .
  • Provide details on how to set up a VC firm and an angel investment fund, including costs and requirements (legal and otherwise), and how to run them.

Early Findings

Initial research indicates that there are angel investors and VC funds that are actively investing in vegan/vegetarian startups and businesses around the world.

Vegetarian/Vegan VC Funds

#1. Beyond Impact

  • Website:
  • Beyond Impact is an early stage venture capital and equity growth fund. It invests in developed markets globally, with a focus on Europe. The firm has an average investment of €200,000 with an investment period of 5 – 10 years. It focuses on companies with sizes between €5 million and €35 million.
  • "Beyond Impact's core investment thesis centers on sustainability as a pillar of risk management and economic valuation". The fund targets impactful companies that position their products or services to meet the growing demand for "vegan, cruelty-free and plant-based alternatives, based on the environmental imperative, health concerns and compassion for animals."
  • Some of Beyond Impacts investments are Mosameat, Supermeat, and Bluenalu.
  • Beyond Impact can be contacted via a form on its website here.

#2. Capital V

  • Capital V is a "micro VC" that provides Angel, Seed and Series A funding. Its investments range from 10,000 to 1,000,000. The fund has a mission to "transform the global system to one that is more sustainable from the perspectives of environment, food scarcity, health and animal welfare by investing in solutions that facilitate sustained behavioral change and eliminate the consumption of animal products."
  • Capital V invests in companies that are focused on alternate protein, alternate dairy, fashion and materials, tech, retail and D2C, and ingredients and B2B. Some of Capital V's investments are Mission Barns, Heura, and Pinatex.
  • Capital V can be contacted via a form on its website here.


  • The research team spent the first hour of research on establishing the existence, and identifying some vegetarian/venture capital firms from around the world.
  • More research is proposed to identify more such VC firms and provide other necessary information to fulfill the goals of this research.