Research Outline

February 29 Birthday Concerns


Obtain information on discussions, legal ramifications, or court cases for people who are born on February 29.

Early Findings

February 29 Birthday Concerns

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the U.S. does not recognize Feb. 29 birthdays during license renewals. The department typically put license expiration dates on the day before or after February 29.
  • Furthermore, some birth certificates' birthday data get changed to indicate February 28 or March 1.
  • Indicating February 29 on online forms also poses problems as the system typically doesn't recognize the date as a real date.
  • Based on a story from someone in Texas, the person got a citation from a judge for having an expired license due to a leap year birthday confusion.
  • The person's birthday that was indicated on the license is February 29, 1956. The license also shows that it will expire on the birthday of the person in the year 1986. However, 1986 is not a leap year.
  • After much deliberation, the person was acquitted of the charge.
  • Since then, the Texas Department of Public Safety has modified the format of the driver's license expiry dates to show the actual date instead of just the year.
  • When the license expiration date falls on a leap year, the driver's license will show that it is going to be expired on February 28.

Summary of Findings:

Our initial report provided some of the legal concerns in the United States with regard to the birthday of those born on February 29.