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Myanmar Top 1,000 Businesses


To compile a list of the top 1,000 businesses in Myanmar along with revenue, profit/loss, employee count, industry, product/service sold, location, and contact details for business ideas.

Early Findings

  • FWP Research publishers the top 1,000 businesses in Myanmar by revenue and industry along with contact information, tax rating, DICA #, shareholder information, and an overview of each business. It may be purchased for $400.
  • MSP publishes information on the top 200 companies with similar information and may be purchased for$368.
  • Pwint Thit Sa has a current listing of the top 100 businesses.
  • The Myanmar Internal Revenue Department publishes a list of the top 1,000 commercial tax payers. They also publish a top 1,000 list by revenue.
  • Trust Venture Partners provides a database that will state the taxes paid and the industry.

Proposed next steps:

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