Celebrating Trains in Connecticut


To have a list of destinations in Connecticut that celebrate trains. This could be train and switch tower museums to rides, events, and meals on vintage trains, to toy train exhibits and bakeries selling train-shaped cookies. An ideal response would have a list of destinations and what it is they do to celebrate trains. This information will be used for an all-ages article that can appeal to older train enthusiasts, down to young kids.

Early Findings

Railroad Museum of New England/Naugatuck Railroad Company

The Essex Steam Train & Riverboat, Essex

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • Our initial hour of research was spent confirming information availability and then providing two train experiences in Connecticut. We can confirm that there is plenty of information, but we were unable to find anything surrounding bakeries selling train-shaped cookies, but we also understand that this was just a suggestion. To be clear, there are bakeries that have a train themed name, but they do not appear to bake things in the shape of a train. However, we will continue to look for quirky and unusual things, and not just the mainstream train ideas, especially surrounding restaurants and bakeries.
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Proposed next steps:

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