Research Proposal

Research into Zotye E200


To obtain information about Zotye E200 and E30 including information for the manufacturer, absolute cost, requirements and timeline to ship them to California, airbag feature, ability to run legally on U.S. streets, and the process to register both vehicles in California.

Early Findings

Zotye International's Contact Information

Zotye USA


  • The new model for Zotye E200 has "an on-board intelligent system" called TBOX and its cabin has high-tech amenities that include "power seats, an automated air conditioner, a cruise control system and double airbags".


  • In 2018, the cost of the E200 Pro was $9,600 which included tax subsidies. It also had an options list which included "airbags, LED lighting, ABS and ESP".
  • According to EVCompare, the current cost is $9,921.
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