How to Launch a New App


To understand how to successfully launch a new app.

Early Findings

  • Some suggestions for pre-launch include researching competitors, creating preview trailers and screenshots, creating a full press kit, posting on PreApps, building a content marketing strategy, developing website and social and build buzz.
  • Generally, the process starts with defining or knowing one's audience, or some form of market research. This can then inform overall marketing strategy, including what keywords to use, how to position oneself in the market and how to successfully use influencer marketing.
  • If the app is monetized, it is also important to have a strategic pricing approach, which also links to the earlier market research phase.
  • Some ideas for pre-launch activities are early access for bloggers/influencers, social media and traditional advertising and website launch.
  • Networking with key influencers can be extremely important for gaining quick visibility for a new app.
  • Some ideas on how to do this involve identifying competitors and using them to your advantage. For example, a Google News search can show which journalists/publications are writing about similar apps and a reverse image search can find bloggers who have profiled the competition.
  • A press kit should consist of graphics and creatives, a description of the app, links to websites and social media accounts and contact details.
  • Beautiful screenshots and visuals make it easy for others to share information about the app.

Proposed next steps:

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