Website Design and Development


To identify emerging technologies, functionality, and design trends for website design and development (front-end and back-end), including a demonstration and description of how they are used in existing websites. Additionally, to identify colleges that have monetized their websites. This research will inform a RFP response for redesigning and developing s college's website.

Early Findings

Trend #1: Minimalism/ Flat Design

  • This is a trend that has been associated with white space but currently involves a lot of colorful minimalism with people accepting that websites do not have to be all white to be minimalist.
  • Shopify is an example of a site that uses colorful minimalism.
  • Each page of Shopify's website has a bold background color with clean text and minimal elements.
  • This leads to the creation of a page that grabs the user's attention and is easy on the eyes.
  • This proves that minimalism does not have to be plain or boring.

Trend #2: Purposeful Content

  • Due to the access to more entertainment and the constant use of smartphones, people's attention spans have been shortened to nine seconds.
  • Schools have to anticipate what visitors want to see and offer various choices to capture their attention by thinking about what makes then unique.
  • It is important to focus on what makes your educational institution unique and place these important points at the center of the homepage.
  • The important points do not have to be a news slider, calendar, or hero slideshow.
  • St. George's School is an example of a school that recently redesigned its website using purposeful content.
  • The homepage greets visitors with a hero slideshow, highlighting the school's campus, capturing the reader's attention in less than nine seconds.
  • A second panel below reveals the school's mission, written in a compelling statement.
  • The next panel reveals three main differentiators that separate the school from the rest: connected learning, the location, and a multidimensional program.
  • The website calls key attention to the beautiful campus and location facing the ocean.

Summary of Early Findings

  • Our first hour of research was spent scanning for information surrounding emerging technologies, design, and functionality trends for website design and development and how they have been used on existing websites. We determined that there is a lot of publicly available information that is applicable to college or educational institutions' websites.
  • We were unable to identify any case studies of colleges that have monetized their websites and propose that we adopt a general scope that focuses on general websites.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
We are suggesting further research that provides, One: 2-3 emerging technologies for website design and development for either back-end or front-end. We will describe each technology and demonstrate how it is used on websites using 1-2 examples. Two: 2-3 additional design and functionality trends for website design and development, especially those that can apply to a college/ educational institution's website. For each trend, we will describe it, discuss why it is a trend, and provide 2-3 existing websites to demonstrate how it is used. Please check this box if we should continue with this research.
We are also suggesting research that provides 2-3 case studies of website monetization. For each, we will include a thorough description of the website monetization process, why it was used, and outcomes or results. Please check this box if we should continue with this research.