Restructuring Marketing Communications Research


An overview of how multinational conglomerates like Siemens, GE, United Technologies, IBM, AVEVA, and ABB have handled restructuring from a communications perspective, as well as, megatrends (such as mobility and automation) relevant to B2B tech/innovation companies in India, China, US, and Germany.

Early Findings

United Technologies

  • In 2015, United Technologies announced a "$1.5 billion restructuring plan to reduce costs."
  • The restructuring plan was announced through an investor and analyst meeting, as well as, via a press release on the company's website.
  • According to the company's CEO, "the restructuring will cost about $500 million a year over three years and when completed, the program is expected to generate about $900 million in annual savings, mainly through factory consolidation."


  • In 2019, Siemens announced plans to undergo its biggest ever restructuring.
  • Its restructuring plan included a focus on "digital industries with the acquisitions of EDA company Mentor Graphics, Edge Technology, Mendix and ESTEQ, and spinning off its oil and gas and renewable energy businesses next year into Siemens Energy. "
  • The company's restructuring plan was announced via its quarterly reports and a press release.


  • Our initial research revealed that multinational companies like Siemens and United Technologies, which have restructured their operations, typically put out a press release announcing their plans and announce it via their quarterly reports, investor calls, or analyst meetings.
  • These companies do not announced restructuring plans on social media.

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