Retail Holiday Sales


To find the 2019 holiday sales evolution for the main U.S. retailers compared to 2018, broken up by sales in-store and online sales. The information will be used to advise a retail client.

Early Findings



  • Costco December 2019 sales reached $17.04 billion, a 10.52% increase compared to December 2018 with $15.42 billion.
  • The later timings of various holidays and events such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday contributed positively to the gain in sales volume during December.
  • Online sales increased by 42% in December 2019 compared to 2018, with a 20% boost caused by the shorter holiday shopping season this year.


  • Macy’s sales decreased by 0.6% during the 2019 holiday season compared to 2018.



  • J.C. Penney's sales dropped by 7.5% over the 2-month holiday period ending at the start of January, compared to 2018.

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