Retailers Positive Actions Rewards


To find examples of retailers who give rewards for positive actions.

Early Findings

Below are some examples of retailers and non-retailers that provide rewards for ethical/positive behaviors from their customers:

1) Tom's

2) Earth Rewards

  • Earth Rewards is an environmental rewards program where consumers can earn Rewards for shopping with retailers that have adhered to the program, but also by taking some environmentally friendly actions such as walking rather than taking the car, not eating meat every day, or playing games on the App.
  • Each Earth Reward is equivalent to 1kg Co2 that can be used to reduce our environmental impact.

3) Non-Retailer Example Koin Rewards

  • Koin Rewards is a blockchain ethical rewards platform and Fidel is a card linking API company.
  • The idea is to build a community of merchants that share common ethical values and make their customers benefit from rewards if they shop with them, through their Mastercard, Visa or American Exress card.

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