Research Outline

Revenue Breakdown: AI Companies


Provide revenue breakdowns for Palantir, Bigbear AI, C3.AI, Fireeye, Mandiant, Anduril, Shield AI, Primer AI, and Rebellion Defense. The information will be presented in this Google Spreadsheet. Specifically, for each company we will provide the following data:
  • The year of founding.
  • Revenue from the last reported fiscal year (if available).
  • The year when the company first made $50 million and $100 million in revenue.
  • The year the company signed its first 'OTA' or 'SIBR' contract.
  • The year the company received its first program of record.
  • The year the company entered into its first partnership with a defense prime company (e.g., Lockheed, SAIC, etc.).
  • Notes on any federal or state government contracts the company has signed (if any)
  • Sources.
Please note the project brief will also contain a brief =summary of the data included on the spreadsheet.
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