Review of 2018/2019 Digital/Cultural Macro and Channel Trends for Health and Wellness 3.0 in North America


Create an overview of the 2018 and 2019 cultural, macro, and channel trends for health and wellness 3.0 in North America that discusses where the sector has been and where it is going. Identify the top 15–20 brands in the sector and how they entered and grew. Also identify hot new entrants. The overview will be used to identify opportunities in the sector for a new brand entrant.

Early Findings

Defining the Sector

  • Wellness 3.0 is a term used to describe corporate programs and initiatives that create healthier and happier workforces and communities by empowering workers to take control of their own life and wellness.+
  • In the past five years, this sector has seen a major growth spurt.
  • A luxury magazine, 2Luxury2, uses the term "wellness 3.0" to describe a travel niche that offers restorative medicinal therapies.


  • Wellable publishes an annual report on trends in the Employee Wellness Industry. Trends for 2020 include the surge in programs for mental wellness, stress management, mindfulness, and meditation.

Businesses in the Sector

  • Wellable designs wellness programs for businesses. It was named a Welcoa Premier Provider in 2019 and the Top Vendor in the Wellness Companies category for quarter one of 20202 by ShortLister.
  • 411Fit is a business in the sector that designs health and wellness programs for businesses. Its CEO, Terry Montogomery, describes 411Fit as "leading the way to health and wellness 3.0".
  • Exubrancy is a New York-based business founded in 2013 that works with over 500 US and UK-based businesses by sending professionals to carry out on-site programming for employees.
  • BurnAlong uses a technology-oriented approach to provide its clients with company-wide fitness programming that promotes team-building and wellness.

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