Research Outline

Health Data Platforms


To find 7-10 competitors, including Human API and ELLKAY, in the health data (EMR/EHR) space that operate through API calls. For each competitor identified provide details on their size, founding, number of users, number of clients, key clients, whether they are private or public, VC series funding history, capabilities in the areas of healthcare providers, pharmacies, labs, wellness, and whether they have their own app and API service calls.

Early Findings

  • We created a spreadsheet for the competitive landscape, and were able to complete the majority of the information for Human API.
  • According to, some top competitors of Human API are InnovAcer, ChartSpan, MyDoc, and Unite Us.
  • ELLKAY's competitors include Stateless, PacketFabric, and MedData.
  • G2 lists Redox, CareConnect, Qvera Interface Engine, Change Healthcare Clinical Network Solutions, and Corepoint Integration Engine, among others, as competitors of Human API.
  • Zoominfo lists ELLKAY's competitors as Verato, Deemsys, Flatiron Health, Fivetran, and more.

Summary of Findings

  • While we were able to find some competitors of ELLKAY and Human API, we were not able to determine the top competitors.
  • We completed all the requested information for Human API, except for the number of clients and the key clients.