Research Outline

RF Radiation and Health Effects


To identify additional research studies regarding radio frequency radiation and health risks on women and children to further inform the client's knowledge base.

Early Findings

RF Radiation on Women and Children

  • A recent study by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) on rats exposed to RF radiation from cell phones revealed "no clear increased risk among female rats" for developing cancer or any other health problems.
  • Other studies found that "prenatal exposure to cell phones was associated with behavioral problems and hyperactivity in children", and children who used cell phones by seven years old were also at a greater health risk of having emotional and behavioral difficulties by eleven years old.
  • Children having health risks associated with their developing brains from RF radiation exposure through cell phones is a significant concern to Frontiers in Public Health, according to the accumulation of evidence from studies that they have documented.
  • "A cell phone held against the head of a child exposes deeper brain structures to greater radiation doses per unit volume, and the young, thin skull's bone marrow absorbs a roughly 10-fold higher local dose."
  • Another study of Mobile Phone Base Station Tower settings adjacent to school buildings found that high exposure to RF radiation from these towers was associated with "delayed fine and gross motor skills, spatial working memory, and attention" in male adolescent students when compared with students who were exposed to low RF radiation.
  • A recent prospective cohort study also showed a "potential adverse effect of RF radiation brain dose on adolescents' cognitive functions including spatial memory that involve brain regions exposed during cell phone use."