Research Outline

Ridesharing in the US


To understand how ridesharing has changed for the 20 biggest ridesharing cities in the US outside NYC, LA, and SF by finding answers to these questions: one, which are the 20 biggest ridesharing cities in the US outside NYC, LA, and SF; two, average number of monthly rides in these cities before COVID-19 and currently; three, estimated size of that rideshare market; and four, number of private car owners in that city.

Early Findings

20 Biggest Ridesharing Cities in the US (Outside NYC, LA, and SF)

  • According to Second Measure, Uber and Lyft are the two biggest ridesharing companies in the US together cornering almost 100% of the US market.
  • A study conducted by CNBC has found the biggest US cities for ridesharing apps and how much the people in these cities spend on Uber and Lyft every month.
  • Outside New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the five biggest cities for Uber and Lyft are Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Washington, DC, Miami, and Philadelphia. The attached spreadsheet lists the 20 biggest cities outside NYC, LA, and SF, and the average monthly spend on Uber and Lyft in these cities.

Summary of the Early Findings Relevant to the Research

  • During the one hour allotted for our initial research, we were able to find the 20 biggest cities in the US (outside NYC, LA, and SF) in terms of monthly spending on rideshare apps Uber and Lyft. We have listed down these cities in the spreadsheet. However, due to time constraints, we were not able to provide the remaining information in the spreadsheet.
  • Our initial research indicates that the estimated size of the rideshare market in each of these cities may not be publicly available as both Uber and Lyft have not released this information. Hence, we have substituted this data with the respective market share of Uber and Lyft in these cities.
  • Also, for similar reasons as above, instead of the number of car owners in these cities, we have provided a column with the heading 'Number of Privately Owned Vehicles in This City.' We have assumed this since the chat transcript only says "how many car owners are there in that city" but does not explicitly mention whether the cars are privately owned cars or Uber/Lyft cars owned by private car owners and leased to Uber and Lyft respectively. Since the chances of finding the number of Uber/Lyft cars owned by private car owners and leased to Uber and Lyft respectively in the public domain is slim, we have assumed that the ask requires the number of privately owned cars in these cities.
  • Please select one or more of the following proposals if further research is required. In case of any additional comments for the proposal(s), please furnish the comment alongside the respective proposal.