Riversand & Semarchy


  • Build a comparison of the Master Data Management Solutions offerings available from Riversand and Semarchy in order to inform a decision on which.
  • Build a comparison of each company as a whole, which should include: 1) company overview, 2) company size, 3) employees, 4) revenue/financial information, 4) market share, 5) company founding info, 6) company growth/expansion info, 7) market penetration in Canada, 8) customer segment(s) in Canada, 9) negative product/service feedback from customers online, 10) noteworthy promoters, if any, 11) oldest customer of their products, if available, 12) feedback on sales cycle, and 13) customers in oil, gas, and retail industries.
  • This information would best be displayed in a spreadsheet for a side-by-side comparison.


  • Information regarding the company overview of Riversand can be found in column B of the attached spreadsheet.
  • Information regrading the company overview of Semarchy can be found in column C of the attached spreadsheet.
  • Both Riversand and Semarchy have information on their websites specifically related to their founding info, products/services offered (including Master Data Management Solutions), and notable customers and partners.

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