Research Proposal

Robotics Doing Good


10 examples of robots doing good, for each example/use case of robots doing good, include stats that further tell the story. 10 examples of why people are scared of robots, and why the fears are irrational. 10 examples of human/robot co-existence, how are robots helping humans in a way that humans wouldn't be able to.

Early Findings

Robots Doing Good

Reasons Why People Are Scared of Robots

  • Humans are afraid that robots will take over all jobs and leave humans with no purpose. While in some industries this can be true, robotics also create jobs and new opportunities.
  • Automation can also create fewer risks in the work environment.

Human/Robot Co-existing

  • The robot writer, Radar, works alongside humans to find relevant data for articles. The robot conducts time intensive work, freeing up human journalists to focus more on the details of the stories.

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