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To identify examples of 5G robots, the company that created it, the intended purpose of the robot, and how it utilizes 5G technology.

Early Findings


  • Stan is a valet parking robot created by French startup- Stanley Robotics.
  • According to its official website, Stan is the world's first outdoor robotic parking service. It ensures a "more pragmatic use of space by arranging more vehicles within a given area."
  • An article by Gigalife-Vodafone states that each robot uses 5G to communicate with the car park infrastructure and with other robots. It further states that robot Stan is currently on trial at Gatwick.


  • According to Digital Agency Network, T-HR3 the humanoid robot was built by Japan’s tech-giants DOCOMO in partnership with Toyota and was successful in its trial under test conditions.
  • T-HR3 was created as a partner robot that can support human activities such as in homes and healthcare institutions. It uses Torque Servo Modules that control power and a Master Maneuvering System to prompt the robot to move in the same manner as the operator.
  • The robot uses low-latency 5G communication technology to effectively communicate with the Master Maneuvering System.

Agricultural Robot

  • A 5G enabled agricultural robot was developed by Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Fujian Newland Era Hi-Tech Co in China.
  • The robot can inspect farms and collect data samples and sends them back to the control room for various applications. It can also determine plant health and decide if pest-control is needed.
  • The pictures and data transmitted by the robot at the farm arrive at the control room in almost real time (a lag of one-hundredth of a second) using 5G technology.

Proposed next steps:

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We can continue this research to identify 3-5 other examples of 5G robots. For each example, we will provide the company that created it, the purpose of the robot, and how it uses 5G technology. Depending on the availability of information we will prioritize industrial robot examples.
We can also identify 3-5 expert views on how 5G will revolutionalize industrial robotics within the next 5 years.
We can also focus our research on identifying 2-3 emerging trends in the field of 5G industrial robotics.