Research Outline

Pre-Construction Savings on the Dollar


Identify how much money a construction project can save per every $1 invested during the design/pre-construction stage of the project. This information will be used in a presentation for investors and customers.

Early Findings

  • Construction projects that have a design-build period pre-construction are completed, on average, 33% faster according to GKK Works than those that do not go through the traditional build methods.
  • On average, K-Con, Inc. (a certified design-build contractor) estimates that construction projects save between 6%-10% on the total cost of their projects when a design-build process is used pre-construction.
  • The value in implement a pre-construction phase into a construction project comes largely from saving time and resources by having a plan ahead of time.
  • The Salina Public Schools district was able to save 13% on the price per square foot of construction project because of their pre-construction phase; this amounted to total savings of $5.2 million.