Background Information on Potential Partner


Identify positive and negative background information on Roy Daneman in order to inform a future decision on a partnership with him.

Early Findings

Social Media Accounts

  • Roy Daneman has a Twitter profile but uses it irregularly.
  • Here is a link to his Facebook.
  • Here is a link to his Pinterest account, which features mostly decor- and child-related images.
  • He has an F6S account, which is a platform for people working in startups, but he does not appear to use it.

Previous Work and Business Activity

  • As referenced in his LinkedIn profile, Daneman has held jobs at Tel Aviv University, PwC, Harel Insurance and Finance, and Ventures Factory.
  • He is outgoing and detail-oriented and interested primarily in the combination of technology and business.
  • On his Angel profile, he says that he is interested in leading startups in a growth stage. He is interested in insurtech, fintech, and other similar industries that combine business and technology.
  • Daneman gave an interview for an Israeli podcast called Fintech Report (in Hebrew, דו"ח פינטק) in February 2019 about technology disruption in the insurance industry.

Contact Information

  • Daneman's address is Hovevey Zion 18, Tel Aviv 6334606. His phone number is 972527703391.
  • His email is


  • He is a self-described liberal and says that Tel Aviv is the perfect place to live as a liberal.
  • He uses Quora to ask questions about business topics like crowdsourcing and funding estimates.
  • The videos that he has "liked" on YouTube consist mostly of fintech or insurtech information or children's entertainment.
  • He created a YouTube playlist of music including artists like 2Pac, Elvis Presley, and Nouvelle Vague.

Proposed next steps:

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Based on our initial hour of research, we recommend continuing a deeper search into Daneman's employment history. We would create one request to look into Daneman's work, relationships, successes, and failures in his current position at Ventures Factory as well as his capacity in any other investor position. We would create a second request to look into his work, relationships, successes, and failures at Tel Aviv University, PwC, and Harel Insurance and Finance.
Alternatively, we could conduct a deeper search of Daneman's social media platforms. As he is quite active on LinkedIn, and less regularly active across a wide spread of platforms including Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, Facebook, F6S, Angel, and Twitter, we could develop a psychographic profile based on his publications across these platforms.