Background Information on Potential Partner


Identify positive and negative background information on Roy Daneman in order to inform a future decision on a partnership with him.

Early Findings

Social Media Accounts

  • Roy Daneman has a Twitter profile but uses it irregularly.
  • Here is a link to his Facebook.
  • Here is a link to his Pinterest account, which features mostly decor- and child-related images.
  • He has an F6S account, which is a platform for people working in startups, but he does not appear to use it.

Previous Work and Business Activity

  • As referenced in his LinkedIn profile, Daneman has held jobs at Tel Aviv University, PwC, Harel Insurance and Finance, and Ventures Factory.
  • He is outgoing and detail-oriented and interested primarily in the combination of technology and business.
  • On his Angel profile, he says that he is interested in leading startups in a growth stage. He is interested in insurtech, fintech, and other similar industries that combine business and technology.
  • Daneman gave an interview for an Israeli podcast called Fintech Report (in Hebrew, דו"ח פינטק) in February 2019 about technology disruption in the insurance industry.

Contact Information

  • Daneman's address is Hovevey Zion 18, Tel Aviv 6334606. His phone number is 972527703391.
  • His email is


  • He is a self-described liberal and says that Tel Aviv is the perfect place to live as a liberal.
  • He uses Quora to ask questions about business topics like crowdsourcing and funding estimates.
  • The videos that he has "liked" on YouTube consist mostly of fintech or insurtech information or children's entertainment.
  • He created a YouTube playlist of music including artists like 2Pac, Elvis Presley, and Nouvelle Vague.

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