Projected Health Implications of Rubidium


To understand the projected health implications of rubidium.

Early Findings


Neurophysiological Effects

  • Rubidium possesses unique neurophysiological characteristics in animal systems, according to experimental studies. These characteristics led to extensive investigations to understand the antidepressant potential of rubidium in human bodies. Thus, "a number of studies have demonstrated that rubidium and lithium have contrasting behavioral, EEG, and biochemical properties."
  • "Rubidium chloride has been tested as a therapy for the treatment of depression. Researchers found dialysis patients suffering from depression tended to experience depleted rubidium levels."

Sodium Potassium Pumps: Na,K-ATPase Protein

  • Rubidium cations, the alkali metal cations, "protect fully, whereas sodium antagonists do not protect against the thermal inactivation," covalent modification, and structural perturbations of the Na,K-ATPase protein.

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