To understand the safety limits for rubidium.

Early Findings

  • A New Jersey safety information sheet does not set any exposure limits for rubidium. It states, "no occupational exposure limits have been established for rubidium hydroxide".
  • Another information sheet confirms that neither OSHA nor ACGIH have set exposure limit standards for rubidium.
  • Furthermore, an EPA document shows nine different possibly governing bodies have set no toxicity values for any rubidium compound. Briefly, the document concluded there was not enough scientific evidence to set toxicity values,
  • The CAS Registry does list rubidium as a carcinogenic element, but no information about limits was available.
  • Overall, caution is advised when handling rubidium, as it can ignite upon contact with water. This can then cause thermal burns. Also, because it reacts with water, skin and eye contact causes chemical burns.
  • In humans, it can mimic potassium. Scientists estimate humans ingest 1-5mg per day of the substance.

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