Research Proposal

Ruby's Inn - Competitive Analysis


  • Identify 2-3 competitors of Ruby's Inn, located in Bryce Canyon City, Utah. Bryce View Lodge and Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel will not be included as competitors, as they are owned by the same person that owns Ruby's Inn. Competitors will preferably be in/around the same area as Ruby's Inn (Bryce Canyon area).
  • Build a competitive analysis of Ruby's Inn, located in Bryce Canyon City, Utah and the 2-3 competitors identified in order to influence a marketing decision based on what competitors are/are not doing.
  • Information to include in the competitive analysis includes 1) average annual visitation, 2) visitor demographics, 3) differentiators/special attractions (what makes them unique), 4) consumer preferences for each competitor, 5) digital marketing tactics.

Early Findings

ruby's inn

  • Ruby's Inn offers a large pool, workspace with a printer and computers, and a gym within their lodging area.
  • In terms of activities, Ruby's Inn offers horseback riding, ATV tours/trails, a canyon bike ride, a rodeo, mountain biking, hiking, worship services, scenic flights, a bar and grill, a variety of activities during the winter (plus a festival), and space for family reunions. They also have shopping at their location, which includes the Ruby's Inn Store, Old Bryce Town Shops, a photo shop, a car shop, and a gift card shop.
  • Ruby's Inn also offers an RV Park/Campground and three dining options on-site.

bryce canyon pines

  • Bryce Canyon Pines was rated second by travelers on TripAdvisor, coming in behind the Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel. This hotel offers trail rides in 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hour increments throughout the day with horses and equipment provided.
  • Bryce Canyon Pines also offers horseback riding in 1 hour, 2 hour, and half day increments through their Red Canyon Trail Rides program. Additionally, they offer rides through the Kodachrome trails in 1 and 2 hour increments.
  • Just like Ruby's Inn, Bryce Canyon Pines offers an RV Park and Campground, as well as an on-site restaurant.
  • Bryce Canyon Pines extends a 10% discount on horseback rides for motel/campground bookings, 10% during March and April, and 10% off during October and November.

bryce canyon resort

  • Located just 3 miles from Bryce Canyon National Park and 12 miles from the Grand Staircase, the Bryce Canyon Resort was rated the #5 hotel in the area by travelers on TripAdvisor.
  • Amenities located on-site at Bryce Canyon Resort include: two restaurants, a lounge, heated outdoor pool, gift shop, game room, ATV rental, pet-friendly lodging, and more.
  • Bryce Canyon Resort is partnered with Bryce Canyon ATV Adventures to provide discounted options to travelers that stay.
  • Bryce Canyon Resort offers patrons 20% off their stay during the winter, free breakfast during the month of January, and a complimentary airport shuttle.
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