Job Salaries


To determine the average salaries and responsibilities for Operations Consultant s, Operations Associate , Finance , Human Resource , Administrative

Early Findings

Operations Consultants

Operations research analyst's
Operations Manager
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for General and Operations Managers is $100,300 per year.
  • Their responsibilities include developing, implementing and reviewing operational policies and procedures; overseeing budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing; identifying and addressing problems and opportunities for the company; and building alliances and partnerships with other organizations
Director of Operations
  • The median salary for a Director of Operations is $178,602.
  • Their responsibilities include monitoring employee performance, managing the overall project portfolio scheduling, coordinating training, project staff placement, and activities, and performing regular project inspections.

Proposed next steps:

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In our initial research, we focused on finding the salary information and responsibilities of operations consultants, we propose continuing by providing the same information for the entry, mid, and senior levels of Operations Associate, Finance analyst, Human Resource analyst, Administrative positions.
We could also focus on finding 1-2 examples of companies in creative digital design and tech that have these positions and provide the salary information and responsibilities for each in order to outline the similarities and differences for each company.