Research Proposal

Mint Mobile's 2018 Super Bowl Ad "Chunky Milk


Analyze the response to Mint Mobile's 2018 Super Bowl Ad "Chunky Milk to see if there was a negative response to the ad by looking at sales data, press releases, and social media for a case study.

Early Findings

  • Research indicates this advertisement was aired in 2019, not 2018.
  • Social media reactions were humorous, but most were revolted by the ad, especially that it aired during a time period where so many people were eating. Some reactions may be viewed here.
  • NBC Sports rated it as one of the worst ads of the Superbowl.
  • The agricultural community had mixed emotions, but mostly did not appreciate the ad.
  • Awful Announcing stated, "Also, the whole thing felt like a rejected Geico commercial, right down to the setup. So altogether, this ad left us with a bad taste in our mouth (pun intended) and made us think of a different company. Not great, Bob. "
  • According to Mint Mobile, it was a success. "Our Super Bowl ad Chunky Style Milk was a game changer for Mint Mobile in terms of putting our brand's bold voice and style on the map and we received thousands of new customers who signed up for our two months free deal," said Aron North, Chief Marketing Officer for Mint Mobile. "Our goal is to continue disrupting the wireless industry and fueling customer excitement with an even better deal that offers three months free! This deal is perfect for anyone who wants to save thousands of dollars per year in wireless bills without lapse in quality or coverage of service."
  • Using Ace Emo, which quantifies an ad’s emotional impact compared with tens of thousands of ads, we wanted to recognize the Super Bowl LIII ads that stood out to viewers for one of the following emotions: Funny, Heartfelt, Ingenious, Eerie, and WTF. Mint Mobile came in 3rd in the eerie category which measured how uneasy or scared it made the viewer.
  • The director of the commercial was interviewed in August and said, "The creative gamble certainly paid off for Mint in millions of free media dollars, brand recognition and massive customer growth. I even had friends reach out to tell me how their entire office or classroom was talking about Chunky Milk the day after the game. It crossed into popular culture in a big way, making it on news outlets, blogs and late-night shows. It took on a life of its own online after the game."
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