Salesforce Business Units


To understand the business units within Salesforce's marketing department(s).

Early Findings

  • The annual report for Salesforce, as expected, does not break down its business units by the desired teams (Brand Marketing, Product & Solutions Marketing, Campaigns/DemandGen, Digital Media, and Sourcing).
  • The document states that Salesforce's marketing teams are organized by geography. There is no separation in brand vs product/solutions marketing in this document.
  • Marketing costs were a total of 46% of revenues in fiscal 2019. This is expected to continue growing as Salesforce further invests in sales and marketing.
  • A top team member in Sourcing is Brian McKinney.
  • Mark Yolton is Vice President of Digital & Interactive.
  • The SVP of Marketing is Kathie Johnson.
  • A senior manager of brand strategy is Karen Sommerich.
  • Salesforce's CMO has stated the company's sales and marketings team work very closely together.
  • Salesforce's page on its Marketing Team gives this breakdown: product marketing, PR, creative, digital, campaigns & operations, events, content & messaging and partner & field marketing.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research revealed that very little information about these teams is available in the public domain. Salesforce's annual report does not give any direct information about its marketing department teams, nor how much revenue each discipline contributes. Our search is limited by LinkedIn's premium restrictions and that not every senior employee is on the platform to allow us to build a better picture of these teams. Given these limitations, we propose a detailed overview of each discipline (Brand Marketing, Product & Solutions Marketing, Campaigns/DemandGen, Digital Media, and Sourcing) within Salesforce's internal marketing teams, detailing what they do, top executives and how much revenue they bring in, if available.
Alternatively, we could widen the scope of our focus and conduct a broad, general overview of how Salesforce's internal marketing teams are structured as well as any estimates of how much they contribute to the company's overall revenue/business.