Salesforce Business Units


To understand the business units within Salesforce's marketing department(s).

Early Findings

  • The annual report for Salesforce, as expected, does not break down its business units by the desired teams (Brand Marketing, Product & Solutions Marketing, Campaigns/DemandGen, Digital Media, and Sourcing).
  • The document states that Salesforce's marketing teams are organized by geography. There is no separation in brand vs product/solutions marketing in this document.
  • Marketing costs were a total of 46% of revenues in fiscal 2019. This is expected to continue growing as Salesforce further invests in sales and marketing.
  • A top team member in Sourcing is Brian McKinney.
  • Mark Yolton is Vice President of Digital & Interactive.
  • The SVP of Marketing is Kathie Johnson.
  • A senior manager of brand strategy is Karen Sommerich.
  • Salesforce's CMO has stated the company's sales and marketings team work very closely together.
  • Salesforce's page on its Marketing Team gives this breakdown: product marketing, PR, creative, digital, campaigns & operations, events, content & messaging and partner & field marketing.

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