Research Proposal

Salt Lake City, Utah State Visitor Statistics


Identify the percentage of visitors to Salt Lake City, UT from each state in the United States over the last five years (2015-2019) in order to build out a media buying plan for a major city attraction. The ideal display data presentation is a spreadsheet.

Early Findings

  • 3-5 million people visit Temple Square each year.
  • Utah visitors are more likely to travel with children, compared to visitors to surrounding western states.
  • 42% of Utah Visitors are from Utah, 11% from California, 8% from Idaho, 5% from Nevada, 4% from Washington, 4% from Colorado, 3% from Arizona, and 24% are from all other places. “Survey data also indicated that Salt Lake City and Provo attracted the most visitors overall.”
  • In a case study, Sojern notes that its efforts to attract visitors to Salt Lake City resulted in the following: “travelers exposed to Salt Lake marketing message were 22% more likely to visit the destination after seeing the ads.”
  • Visitors to Utah spent $9.75 billion in 2018.
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