Sandbox Accounts


The goal is to determine if the provided companies offer sandbox features and what their pricing levels are to inform how to structure product bundle services.

Early Findings


  • Yext offers data management and voice search optimization services for businesses.
  • They do offer a sandbox feature that must be created by an Account Manager.
  • We did not find any pricing information from Yext directly, as they want potential customers to submit a consultation form.
  • A review site, Vendasta, says that Yext has four subscription plans that range in price from $199 per year to $999 per year.


  • Hubspot offers a free sandbox account to their clients.
  • Their sandbox offers many features including community networking, code mastery, content staging, and scalable module framework.
  • Hubspot has many different pricing plans that depend on the features needed. For example, their growth suite includes CRM services, marketing, sales, and services hubs and ranges from $113 to $4,200 per month.


  • Zendesk has offered a sandbox feature since 2009.
  • Though we could not find pricing for this, Zendesk offers a premium sandbox add-on that offers more and faster features than the free version.
  • One review site indicates that the sandbox features are only available with the Enterprise plan. Pricing for this plan is only available via consultation.

Research proposal:

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