Research Proposal

SAP Concur - Digital and CX Web Design Strategy


To find information on the digital and customer experience (CX) web design strategy of SAP concur.

Early Findings

Customer Experience

  • In its CX strategy, SAP Concur uses seven key tools and techniques to gather customer feedback and act on it. These tools and techniques are:
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) - the company uses NPS to assesses the likelihood of a customer or partner recommending Concur to a friend or colleague.
  • Product satisfaction survey - customers can use the company's in-product surveys to rate their user experience.
  • Support survey - after a support issue has been solved, the company asks its customers to provide feedback about their support experience.
  • Implementation survey - customers are sent a survey to rate their satisfaction with their Concur representatives and the overall process during implementation.
  • Analyst reports - the company works with third-party analysts to independently gather industry benchmark data which helps guide the company's product strategy.
  • Events - the company organizes regular customer events that offer opportunities to connect, share and to brainstorm ideas to help customers serve their businesses better.
  • Social media - the company actively engages with customers on its social media channels to learn about their real-time needs and how the company can build a best-in-class customer experience.
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