Research Outline

Saudi Arabia Fast Food Consumers


An analysis of the target audience of fast food in Saudi Arabia, including the in demographics, psychographics, and consumer journey information for fast food consumers in Saudi Arabia.

Early Findings

  • A study by Cambridge revealed that young people in Saudi Arabia, particularly children and teenagers (9-19 years), consume fast food than older people.
  • Younger females in the country eat fast food than their male counterparts.
  • These younger Saudi Arabians mainly eat fast food meals in restaurants once or twice weekly.
  • The fast food market in Saudi Arabia is "witnessing growth due to a surge in the young population and the changing lifestyle of workforce in the Kingdom." Of note, over half of Saudi Arabia's population is made up of millennials and Gen Zers.
  • Another study revealed that around 45% of Saudi Arabians eat fast food one to three times a week while 18.96% consume fast food less than once a week and 14.13% consume fast food four to six times a week.