Scan of Investors


To lean about the investment philosophy and other investment-related information of the following companies: Bezos Expeditions, Blue Pool Capital, Pacific Century Group, Investor AB (a Swedish company), Harvard Endowment Fund, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Apple.

Early Findings

  • According to Crunchbase, "Bezos Expeditions manages Jeff Bezos' personal venture capital investments."
  • Bezos Expeditions has:
  • made 64 investments and has been the lead investor 15 times.
  • had 14 exits including Business Insider, Twitter, and Workday.
  • Bezos Expeditions Portfolio Companies have completed 221 funding rounds, awarding $8.9 billion in total funding.
  • Bezos Expedition's top investment type is incubator and its top funding types are seed: Series A, Series B, Series C, Series D, and Venture-Series Unknown.
  • Bezos Expeditions make numerous charitable donations including ones made through the Bezos Family Foundation and the Bezos Day One Fund.
  • According to Crunchbase, Blue Pool Capital is a "Hong Kong based investment advisory firm with a deep knowledge of Asian markets."
  • Blue Pool Capital has:
  • made 8 investments and has been the lead investor twice.
  • has had one exit, Hua Medicine.
  • $2 billion in assets under management

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