SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre: Digital Marketing Tactics


To identify digital marketing tactics/strategies that the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theater uses in its marketing efforts.

Early Findings

  • SCERA Shell Outdoor Theater has its own official Facebook page with more than 2,500 followers.
  • The theater uses its Facebook page to answer people’s queries and to notify people of upcoming events such as summer camps, summer dance programs, etc.
  • SCERA also has its own Twitter handle which is used for both SCERA Center for the Arts and SCERA Shell Outdoor Theater.
  • The Twitter handle has more than 800 followers and is used to announce details relating to upcoming events.
  • In one of its latest tweets posted on May 4, 2020, SCERA made an announcement about the special arrangement that it has made to show all the eight movies in the Harry Potter series following the social distancing norms.
  • The Twitter handle was also used to provide the necessary link required to buy tickets at a rate of US$5 per movie.
  • The Instagram handle of SCERA is named sceraupdate and is used to promote all SCERA Shell Outdoor Theater events as well.
  • The Instagram profile has 1,434 posts till date and has got 3,766 followers.
  • SCERA also has a YouTube channel for all its entities together. The channel is named SCERAchannel.
  • Since its inception in June 2011, the channel has garnered a total of 21,928 views.
  • In the past one month, SCERA has released eight videos on its YouTube channel.
  • The channel only has a limited number of 56 subscribers.

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