Home and Office Design


To determine whether there are research studies behind home and office design by looking at scientific research on Feng Shui or research on top practices on home and office design for health.

Early Findings

Feng Shui

  • According to environmental psychologists who have studied Feng Shui, "there is no evidence that following Feng Shui principles have any measurable effect on human beings." There are no scientific pieces of evidence that point to the existence of Chi or the positive energy that is hoped to be circulated in spaces, and without Chi, there is no Feng Shui.
  • Thus, Psychology Today concludes that there is no science behind Feng Shui. According to them, "if you are looking for a boost to your health, mental acuity, and career success by harnessing unseen forces through the arrangement of furniture, you will probably be disappointed."
  • Healthy Way supports the claim that there are no scientific bases for the claims of Feng Shui. According to Healthy Way, "scientists haven’t found a chi in any laboratory experiments."

Home and Office Design

  • There are research studies showing that "open (office) layouts result in shorter and lower quality discussions than in closed layouts."
  • Research has also shown that open offices and open communication among employees are not correlated. Removing physical barriers doesn't necessarily translate to transparency and open communication among peers.
  • Some of the negative effects of open offices include "decreased motivation, decreased capacity for complex or creative thinking, and overall lower productivity." Research has also shown that the open office layout introduces distractions.
  • According to the New Zealand Medical Journal, "a 12-month longitudinal study of 71 employees in Sweden (response proportion 70%) who moved from individual offices to open-plan offices found a statistically significant deterioration in perceived health (p=0.002) and performance (p=0.026) 12 months after the employees had moved from individual offices to an open-plan office space."

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