Research Outline

Science communication in the US


To provide a list of universities and organizations that purchase science communication services, and for each, which departments are purchasing these services.

Early Findings

Science communication Overview

  • According to a Research Gate publication, "here has been a considerable increase in the number of scientific studies on science communication, and this increase has been accompanied by a diversification of the research field."
  • Wellcome Fund highlighted some major breakthroughs over the past 2 centuries in changing forms of public engagement, public awareness of science, and sources of funding for science communication.
  • Science communication professionals are known to work in the areas of public relations, issues management, communications planning, media relations, event planning, editorial production, investor relations, marketing, and financial communication.
  • Their work may include "marketing an idea to investors, writing accessible pieces for promotion, developing a communication plan, or writing up press releases. They can be found in companies' communication departments, as independent consultants, or working for a communications agency."
  • Some players in the industry include QUAY Strategies Inc. Hill & Knowlton.


After an exhaustive search through the public domain, we were unable to identify any pre-compiled document that provided an overview of whom a typical purchaser/buyer of science communications services is. This is because of the lack of any pre-existing market/industry report conducted in the field. Also, the industry is a niche and has not attracted proprietary research in the field.

To better understand whom a typical purchaser/buyer of science communications services is, we will implement a reverse approach by first, identifying providers of scicomm services in some major field of life such as academics (university), medical space, and other providers (except medical organizations and universities) to understand their client base, services provided, and their target market. By doing so, we will understand the type of firms targeted by these players and the types of customers they deal with.