Pediatric Urgent Care Centers


Identify industry trends, key competitors, and marketing messages in use by pediatric urgent care centers (expanding to adult, if necessary) in order to recognize the messaging and creative works that will be best used to produce a successful marketing effort for a new party entering the pediatric urgent care space. Information on the marketing messages currently used by competitors in this space will come from creative samples (print ads, banner ads, television, radio, etc.) and specific company analyses in both the Connecticut area, as well as in the United States as a whole.

Early Findings


  • On the initial home page for PM Pediatrics, the company has currently placed a large red pop-up that immediately catches the viewer's attention before anything else on the webpage. The pop-up is a message conveying to the page visitor that the urgent care center does not offer the COVID-19 test in any of their offices, but that they do have virtual care options.
  • The initial message on PM Pediatrics website states the following: "The Urgent Care Just for Kids." This message is written in the largest font on the webpage, and really helps to convey that this organization is focused especially on treating pediatric patients.
  • Initial online searches for "PM Pediatrics" show that in addition to the company's own website, they also have webpages on Facebook and LinkedIn. These channels are likely used to distribute business messaging through.
  • In November 2017, Hartfort HealthCare released their first commercial for their Urgent Care facilities, GoHealth. The commercial showed a variety of instances in which consumers were hurt or ill, and then showed a mother and her young son going to a facility for help. It also depicted a man booking an appointment online at home with a mobile device. The end of the commercial stated how many locations were nearby to where the commercial was aired.


  • The Boston Children's Hospital has their own YouTube channel through which they have been publishing ad material dating as far back as 2009. Videos include casual looks into the hospital facilities, heartfelt moments of patients and families, and videos promoting their successes and ratings as a top hospital nationwide.
  • The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has their own campaign through which they promote the hospital and the services they offer. The webpage for the campaign — "For Tomorrow's Breakthroughs: The Campaign for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia" — includes visual components to depict how much grant money the hospital has been funded for different areas of research, education, community, etc.
  • CHOP is also stating across the top of their website that they are restricting visitors to their hospital right now due to the spread of COVID-19. Only two parents or guardians are permitted to visit at a time.

Proprietary Research Available

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1. Urgent Care Center Market, by Service, 2018 vs. 2023 (Markets and Markets, $402.50)
2. Geographic Snapshot of the Urgent Care Center Market (Markets and Markets, $402.50)

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