Research Outline

Parenting Interventions & Mental Health Resources


Gain an understanding of parent spending on mental health resources for their children and/or behavioral interventions for children in the US, which could include psychologist visits, parenting books, parenting courses, or online platforms focused specifically on children's mental health, in order to demonstrate potential interest in a tool for children's mental health.

Early Findings

    • Approximately 4.5 million children between ages 3-17 in the US have a diagnosed behavioral problem.
    • This represents 7.4% of children in this age group.
    • Mental health diagnoses have increased significantly in the past several years, with anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues all increasing amongst youth in the US.
    • Just over half of children between age 3-17 years old with a diagnosed behavior disorder received treatment (53.5%).
    • Specialists and practicing school psychologists are both in short supply, with an estimated shortage of at least 9,000 needed psychologists in US schools.
    • 40% of youth diagnosed with ADHD don't have access to behavioral treatment.
    • However, one study suggests that rather than needing more treatment or more medication, the increase in mental illness amongst youth is related to an increase in external challenges, environments and systems that do not serve their higher well-being.
    • For example, children who grow up in poverty or are exposed to traumatic events in their home are much more likely to experience mental illness symptoms.