Cliched Tourism Destination Marketing Messages in the United States


Identify cliched or overused marketing messages used by tourism destinations in the United States to help develop strategies for effective future campaigns.

Early Findings

Overused Cliches in Marketing in General

Overused Cliches in Destination Tourism Marketing

  • The word "luxury" should not be used when promoting a luxury destination as it has the effect of connoting the opposite as a result of overuse.
  • "Experiential" is an overused marketing term that should be embargoed according to Barak Hirschowitz, president of the International Luxury Hotel Association.
  • The following phrases are overused in the destination tourism marketing industry, according to Placemaking Expert Roger Brooks:

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Summary of Early Findings in Relation to Goals

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There are numerous words and phrases identified as overused for general marketing purposes, as well as those specific to vacationing and destination tourism in particular.

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