Selecting Snacks for Kids - Moms Considerations


In order to assist a marketing campaign for a children's protein bar, provide statics and sentiments from US moms that prove that "mom guilt is real" when it comes to choosing what their children eat for snacks. Additionally, provide any insight into what the most important considerations are for moms when choosing what snacks to give to their children.

Early Findings

Snack Food Choices

  • 46% of American parents cite nutritional value as their top priority when purchasing groceries for their children.
  • Millennial parents are even more concerned than previous generations with teaching their children about good nutrition.
  • However, parents also consider whether their child enjoys the snack, so the snack must also taste good.
  • Convenience, pricing, packaging and the flexibility to use items for various eating occasions are other factors that affect parent's food purchasing decisions.

Parenting Guilt

  • 23 times per week, American parents report feeling they made parenting decisions that "weren't quite up to standard."
  • 75% of American parents feel pressured to be "perfect."
  • The biggest source of guilt for parents is loosing their temper, followed closely by parents feeling bad about missing out on activities with their kids because of work or other commitments.
  • Moms specifically felt guilty about not cooking homemade meals more often.
  • Parents also felt guilty about feeding their children junk food.
  • Social media is a huge source of competition for parents trying to show their family is 'happy'.
  • Experts have stated that since feeding the family is historically seen as "central to motherhood", moms feel a lot of guilt when it comes to making choices about what to feed their families.
  • Mom guilt around what to feed children seems to originate right after the birth of baby, when choosing between breastfeeding or formula.

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